Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer 

Founder & Co-Founder, Comments by Celebs

As a little girl, Emma Diamond would sit in front of the television during award show nights, with a notebook and pen in hand documenting what each star was wearing. Fast forward 15 years: she’s still documenting the stars - just in a far more innovative way. 

The 24-year-old is the founder of Comments By Celebs, an innovative media company that delivers celebrity news & entertainment in the form of Instagram comments. 22-year-old Julie Kramer, CBC co-founder, and fellow self-proclaimed pop-culture enthusiast is the other half of this power duo. Together, the two have turned their love for all things entertainment into a full-time career.

The core of the brand, the @commentsbycelebs Instagram account, was started when Diamond & Kramer capitalized on Instagram’s initial algorithm change. Since its inception in 2017, @commentsbycelebs has amassed a following of over one million followers and worldwide recognition with media and celebrity followers including Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Couric, John Mayer, Kelly Ripa, and Chrissy Teigen. There has been a giant shift in the way we digest news, and Comments By Celebs is at the forefront of that shift. The account has started a cultural phenomenon with top major media outlets coming to rely on CBC to break celebrity news. Emma Diamond & Julie Kramer are the fearless leaders. 

In addition to helming the flagship account and curating branded content, the two have expanded Comments By Celebs to include @cbcalthletes, @cbcbravo, @cbcyoutube, and @cbcbachelor. They currently host a weekly podcast, produced by Cadence13, and have plans to further grow the brand utilizing different mediums.

Prior to focusing on CBC full time, Emma was a graduate student at Columbia University School of Social Work, pursuing her Masters in Clinical Social Work. She deferred the second year of her MSW to devote her focus to the brand. She graduated from Syracuse University in 2016, with a Bachelor of Science in Communication & Rhetorical Studies and a minor in Business Management from SU's Whitman School of Management. Julie graduated from Syracuse University as well, in 2018, where she majored in Psychology. Kramer has put her plans for forensic psychology graduate school on hold as well, as the two continue to build this empire.